If you are already flying for GoJet airlines or have accepted a job offer you are eligible 

to apply for ​​​​​​​the Aviate Program. 

​​​​​Evaluation includes:​

• ​​​​Personality and cultural fit inventory

•​​​​ A technical skill interview

• ​​​​A panel interview



Once accepted in the program, build flight hours.  2,000 flight hours and 24 months with a United Express Aviate partner are the minimum requirements to earn your stripes.

Already have flight time? Even better! Candidates who are already flying with a United Express Aviate partner will be credited for months and hours already completed but must still serve a minimum of six months with GoJet.



Start your Aviate journey with GoJet and end as a First Officer for United. Aviate pilots are given priority when positions become available at United after you finish your minimum requirements. One of the best ways to climb in your career is here at GoJet Airlines and within the United Aviate program. 

For more information about this innovative program please visit United Aviate​.​
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GoJet Airlines is an equal opportunity employer.