​​​Military pilots meet R-ATP minimums with just 750 hours of total time, including 250 hours of fixed-wing PIC time.  While the majority of military rotor pilots have the total time requirements to fly commercially, many lack the fixed-wing component.

GoJet will fund up to $51​,000 in fixed-wing training time for rotor pilots who are short R-ATP mins.  Train at the school of your ch​oice, or at one of our pre-approved partner schools. 

1.  Complete a pilot application via airlineapps

2.  If you are accepted into the Rotor Transition Program, you will be assigned a start date at the school of your choice.  GoJet will customize a training plan specific to your flight time and certificate requirements. Your training plan will outline the expected duration of your training.
3.  Once R-ATP mins are met, you will select a GoJet initial pilot training class date.  A one-to-two year commitment or three year promissory note to GoJet is required in exchange for your Rotor Transition funding.  Should you leave GoJet prior to one to three years from the start of your initial class date, you will be required to repay a prorated portion of the cost of your training.
Just fill out the form below, or drop our recruiters a line at pilotjobs@gojetairlines.com

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