GoJet Airlines is a proud supporter of our men and women in uniform.  We value military leadership, and actively recruit pilots with a history of military service. 

There's no better place than GoJet to launch your civilian flying career. We offer competitive compensation, excellent training and an experience like none other.  Most importantly, we offer one of the fastest upgrades in the industry, which means that you will quickly start earning Pilot in Command time, and soon become attractive to a major carrier. 

We have helped many military pilots make the transition to commercial flying.  We can help you, too. 

See below for complete details and qualifications. 

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  • FAA commer​cial pilot's license with instrument and multi-engine ratings
  • ATP or R-ATP eligible
    • Military fixed wing pilots need 750 hours total time
    • Military rotor pilots need 750 hours total time that must include 250 hours fixed wing time
  • Minimum 25​ hours multi-engine​
  • A current first class FAA medical certificate
  • A current ATP written (company covers cost of ATP-CTP for successful candidates)
  • Current valid​ passport
  • FCC Radio Operator's Permit
  • Legal right to work in, and travel freely in and out of, ​the United States​​
​Military pilots who have met R-ATP minimums are eligible for up to six months of early seniority.  This program allows pilots to come to two days of Indoc training, receive a seniority number, and then be placed on personal leave for a maximum of 180 days. 

When these pilots return to class, they have up to six months of accrued seniority, which decreases their chances of sitting reserve as a First Officer.  Six months of advance seniority also increases your chances of getting your preferred base right out of training. 

This is ideal for pilots who have an established detachment date from the military. 

Just fill out the form below, or drop our recruiters a line at pilotjobs@gojetairlines.com

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GoJet Airlines is an equal opportunity employer.