The path to flying commercially can be confusing, especially for student pilots who are just starting to earn their hours. 
That's why we offer collegiate aviators two different streamlined pathways to a First Officer position at GoJet.  Students in these programs transition directly to a GoJet training class or candidate pool upon comp​letion of ATP minimums. 

Becoming a commercial pilot will always take a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication.  But we've made the process a lot easier to understand. 

This program identifies promising pilots while they're still in flight school and gives them a behind the scenes look at what to expect when they land their first commercial airline job.

Benefits include:
  • Wingman interns are mentored by a GoJet Captain or experienced First Officer throughout the duration of their internship.
  • Llimited flight benefits​
  • GoJet training materials months prior to reporting for class to increase their chances of success in our training program.

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ATP Flight School students who commit to flying for GoJet after earning their hours can earn $11,000 in tuition reimbursement.

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GoJet Airlines is an equal opportunity employer.