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Personal, Professional and Company growth is a cornerstone of our mission. We want you to succeed in your career and with GoJet's projected growth we will grow together. We have a 10-year contract with United Airlines and are new partners of their Aviate program. 

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GoJet offers top benefits for all our team members. We have a deep belief in community and balance. Our benefit packages ensure you can grow with the company and have a sustainable career. 



Diversity is what lends us our strength. When we come together from different backgrounds, places, and paths we emerge stronger. We strive to fulfill this mission by creating a culture of understanding and caring for all our employees. 



We fly the premium CRJ-550, the only one of its class, and we are anticipating 2 more planes every month till Summer 2022 to reach 74 planes. If you want to be a part of this incredible aircraft and provide a premium product, GoJet has a place for you. 

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Paths to the Left Seat