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E3 Program 

Australian Pilots

Gojet Airlines is now accepting applications from Australian pilots eligible for an E-3 Visa.  E-3 Visa applicants must meet all hiring and Visa requirements prior to hire.

Pilots who successfully complete the GoJet Airlines interview process and are eligible for an E-3 Visa and will be offered the next available class date.

First Officer Qualifications

  • ATP or Commercial Multi-Engine Land Pilot's License with current Instrument Rating

  • Current First Class Medical

  • FCC Radio Operator's Permit

  • Valid Australian Passport

  • Meet FAA ATP minimums for Total Time AND the following:

    • 100 hours night

    • 75 hours instrument

    • 200 hours cross country

    • 50 hours multi-engine

Ask us about how we can credit 50 hours towards your total time!

E-3 Visa Applicant Requirements

  • Must be an Australian national

  • Must possess the necessary academic or other qualifying credentials (i.e. bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience)

  • Must be at least 23 years of age.                                                                                    

Application Process For E-3 Visa Candidates

  1. Apply online for a GoJet pilot position by clicking here: Airline Apps

  2. Interview with GoJet and provide necessary visa and pilot credentials

  3. GoJet initiates Visa process. Expected completion in 2-4 weeks.

  4. Complete company sponsored ATP-CTP course upon entering the United States and starting initial training

  5. Questions about the program or your qualifications?  Email

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