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GoJet Airlines is looking for highly qualified pilots who want to revolutionize regional flying. We believe in a customer experience in the skies that is second to none and is led by our pilot group. Find your wings here! 

Go Far with GoJet

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New Hire Training

  • Training held at GoJet Airlines' Corporate Headquarters in STL

  • Full training pay at the 75-hour monthly minimum guarantee

  • ATP-CTP course and written exam sponsored

  • Company-provided Electronic Flight Bag






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First Officer

As a GoJet pilot, you will be joining a talented, growing, and energized team flying for United Airlines. With the new CRJ-550, prepare for opportunity and sustainability as you receive great starting pay and quick upgrades. 

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Near Entry Captain

Direct Entry Captain

This program allows experienced First Officers to join with a clear path to the left seat! This program is ideal for First Officers at other regionals who are close to meeting Captain requirements but are facing long upgrade times.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This unique program allows experienced pilots join GoJet as a Captain, rather than a First Officer. This program is ideal for First Officers at other regionals who meet Captain requirements but are facing long upgrade times.

Early Seniority Program

United Airlines First Officer

Available to Military Pilots, Near Entry Captains, and Direct Entry Captains. Join GoJet Airlines for just one day of initial onboarding to reserve your Seniority before beginning training. 

United Airlines Aviate

Start your Aviate journey with GoJet and end as a First Officer for United. Aviate pilots are given priority when positions become available at United after you finish your minimum requirements. One of the best ways to climb in your career is here at GoJet Airlines and within the United Aviate program

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This program identifies promising pilots while they're still in flight school and gives them a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect when they land their first commercial airline job.

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E3 Pilots 

Upcoming Events

GoJET is now accepting applications from Australian pilots eligible for an E-3 Visa.  E-3 Visa applicants must meet all hiring and Visa requirements prior to hiring.

Questions about the program or your qualifications? Email: 


PAPA 5/18-5/19
EAA Airventure - 7/24-7/30
OBAP - 8/9-8/11
LPA Expo - 9/14-9/16
RTAG - 10/7-10/8


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