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Meet the CRJ-550

GoJet Airlines is thrilled to be the exclusive carrier that United Airlines is selecting us to operate Bombardier’s latest model aircraft, the CRJ-550. This addition to Bombardier’s CRJ family is transforming the customer experience in the 50-seat regional market, introducing several enhancements not currently available on larger regional jets in today’s market.

Under a newly extended 10-year contract with United Airlines, GoJet is operating this innovative aircraft. Passengers can look forward to a premium cabin experience, generous storage space for each traveler’s roller bag, the highest amount of legroom per seat among all 50-seat aircraft, and in-flight Wi-Fi.

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Meet the CRJ-550

The CRJ-550

The CRJ-550 is the world’s only 50 seat regional aircraft to offer true first class seating and other premium amenities.

The Cockpit

Enjoy your flight as our Pilots take you safely to your destination.

Ready for Takeoff

The CRJ-550 is ready to fly and doing it in style!


We have storage for EVERY carry-on to give you maximum comfort.

Leg Room

The CRJ-550 provides ample leg room for every customer for a premium regional flight experience

Three Cabins

10 first class seats, 20 Economy Plus seats, and 20 regular economy seats

Refreshment Center

Treat yourselves with our fully stocked refreshment center

First Class

10 Premium First Class Seats

airplane seating diagram

Full Layout

A detailed look at our CRJ-550
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