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The path to a career of becoming a commercial pilot can seem overwhelming, especially for student pilots just starting to earn their hours. 

That is why GoJet Airlines offers aviators a streamlined pathway to a First Officer position.  This is a program for ambitious, career-minded pilots who want to get a head start on their commercial aviation careers.

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GoJet Airlines’ Wingman Program provides promising pilots currently enrolled in a professional pilot training program an early preview to a Regional Airline career. Now accepting both Part 141 and Part 61 pilots. Upon completion of R-ATP or ATP minimums, Wingman participants are given priority in the First Officer recruitment process and training date selection. Flight benefits and company badging are provided upon acceptance into the Wingman program.


Entry into the program includes a two-day, all-expenses-paid visit to GoJet's corporate headquarters in St. Louis. Participants get the opportunity to sit in on a new hire pilot class and get a feel for the Part 121 Operation ground school experience. In addition, Wingman will get the chance to meet with GoJet Management, tour HQ, and GoJet's maintenance hangar. Best of all, the Wingman Cadets are given the opportunity to fly in a full-motion CRJ simulator.


Apply now via the first officer App on Airline Apps.

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Program Benefits


  • Identifies promising pilots while they are in flight school and gives them a behind the scenes look at what to expect when they land their first commercial airline job

  • Wingman participants are mentored by GoJet's pilot recruiting team throughout the duration of the program 

  • Participants receive early GoJet training materials months prior to reporting for class to increase their chance of success 

  • Unlimited standby travel permitted on United Airlines throughout the duration of the program after completion of the Wingman Visit

  • Participants must be enrolled, and in good standing at any flight school or university

  • Private Pilot's License & an instrument rating

  • FAA First Class Medical Certificate 

  • Eligible to work in the US

  • Valid Passport 

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