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GoJet Airlines is actively recruiting flight attendants for our Chicago, St. Louis, Raleigh-Durham and Denver bases. Denver-based applicants are encouraged to apply.


The flight attendant's primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. Since flight attendants have such extensive contact with our customers and create the impression of our company, the position is a valued one.

Successful candidates must possess excellent communication skills and have a professional and conservative appearance. They also must have the ability to perform physical activities such as lifting luggage, be able to be on a flight within two hours of being called and have flown at least once as a passenger.

Flight Attendants are based at the St. Louis, MO, Chicago O’Hare, Denver and Raleigh domiciles.

All offers of employment are subject to completion of an FAA background check and drug and alcohol screening.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
All offers of employment are subject to successful completion of drug and alcohol screening. Some medications may be subject to FAA approval.

     • Must be at least 19 years of age.
     • Must be at least 4'11" and cannot exceed 6'0".
     • Weight must be in proportion to height.
     • Vision must be correctable to 20/40. 
     • Must possess a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. 
     • Must be a US citizen or have the legal right to accept employment in the United States and Canada. 
     • Must be able to read and converse fluently in English. The ability to read and converse fluently in another language is a plus. 
     • Must possess a valid driver's license, social security card and a passport.
     • Must be able to be away three to four nights per week.
     • No felony/DWI/DUI convictions.
     • Must not have any visible tattoos, body art, tongue piercings or other unusual piercings.

Those selected for employment must successfully complete a paid training program at our Training Center in St. Louis, MO. Training includes classroom work, homework and training flights. This may require some training on the weekends.

Training includes aircraft familiarization, city codes, regulatory announcements, beverage service, emergency procedures, first aid, etc. Progress in learning is evaluated by written and practical examination. A minimum passing score of 80% must be maintained throughout the entire training session.



Company Benefits
     • Paid Training
     • Flight Benefits
     • Life Insurance
     • Medical Insurance
     • Dental Insurance
     • Long-Term Disability Insurance
     • Company-Sponsored 401K Program
     • Paid Vacation
     • Discounts on Hotels, Cruises and Car Rentals
     • Paid Parking

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