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In exchange for your talent, GoJet Airlines offers Direct Entry Captains a generous compensation package, competitive bonuses, and guaranteed career progression to the United flight deck. Earning potential up to $413,150 over the first year at GoJet!

  • Longevity Matching up to 18 Years
  • |NEW| Up to $200,000 in bonuses
    • $25k Part 121 Experience Bonus
  • Flow to the United flight deck as early as 24 months
  • Reserve your seniority for us to 6 months with Early Seniority

Use the calculator tool to see how much you could be earning as a GoJet Airlines Captain!

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  • This calculator tool is intended for the use of prospective Pilots as a means to estimate rates of pay and potential bonuses
  • The information provided is for general purposes and does not represent a formal commitment or contingent job offer.
  • The inclusion of bonus amounts in the calculator assumes the Pilot meets all eligibility requirements for each payment.
  • Projected factors for upgrade include estimated attrition levels and trends and are thus subject to change.
  • Hourly rates are based on the current CRJ550 scale.
  • Completed years of service will be confirmed through the background check process.
Pilot Pay Calculator - GoJet Airlines